(un) American

With all the things happening in our country as of this past January, I’ve decided to create a blog where I can write my thoughts and musings on current issues as a measure of self-awareness and making sure that what I know at least in my own thought process, is valid. Just this past week, I’ve been dealing with conflicting attitudes that manifests itself into apparent “passion” but in reality is my quick response to giving into a strong emotion caused by trigger. There might be more to what I think, but due to quick analysis and the need to publish and establish a view point, it becomes planar riddled with later conflicting plot holes.

I also want to use this platform as a resource for myself and others if they so choose. I will strive to list political outreach sources and to comment on occurring events.

That being said, I just want to start with the newfound knowledge of what it means to be American. While perusing reddit, I started reading stories about people and their immigrant parents or relatives in their migration to the United States. Often, the storyteller would emphasize the pride within these naturalized citizens surrounding becoming “American”. They worked for it and sacrificed more than anyone born in this country can comprehend. We must not lose our heads. This current government does not represent America, but we can not lose hope in everything that we have built. Our country has a strong backbone composed of the most resilient people from every corner of the world. Hard work will get you places in the US, unlike many other countries, stuck in classism, extreme forms of socialism or just completely ineffective government. This is a place where those who have the will to succeed, migrate to. This is what makes you American.

I temporarily forgot this. I let the hatred I have for Trump Supporters wash over me, and denounce everything around myself, and give up hope. But that cannot be the case. For they are few and powerful, but weak in will. Weak, because the walls put up in their brains inhibit them to see what is real and true. Weak, because the prejudices withheld will only make them unhappy. Weak, because no matter what they do, they can never, ever, take away what it means to belong to a country built by the warriors of other nations.

On Facebook and news outlets, all I see is finger pointing, fear-mongering, negative -fuck trump- related statements. While what is being stated is completely valid as an opinion or thought, I do not think it is helpful. While these things are awful and not to be tolerated, we must not let him get to us. We must remain and spread messages of warmth and unity. I refuse to be unhappy with my country, when it has so many good people within it. I am unhappy with the system. I am unhappy with the President. I am unhappy with my Congressmen. I am happy to be American. And I will remain so, because this will not defeat us.

Here is the reddit thread. Read the comments.